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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Virtual Meetings

By Leigh Williams
  • Bed / Bath / Home
Working from home has become “the new normal” for quite a few people. And while working from home can seem oh-so-glamourous, the truth is that it actually brings about quite a few new challenges. 
One of the biggest challenges for many people include virtual meetings. What do you wear? How do you interject appropriately? Should you mute yourself? 
Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to virtual meetings: 
-       Have an agenda. 
-       Give time for some small talk. For some people, virtual meetings are their only source of human interaction. It also allows time for the “water cooler” talk we aren’t getting currently! 
-       Mute yourself when others are talking. You never know when your dog might bark or your significant other might holler from the other room. 
-       Double check your video and microphone settings before your first virtual meeting. There’s nothing worse than technical difficulties when you’re about to attend a meeting! 
-       Look presentable. There’s nothing wrong with rocking leggings if that’s what you’re comfortable in, but do take a moment to brush your hair, brush your teeth, and put on a presentable top! Obviously this is dependent on your work culture, but you never know when your manager might ask to video chat! 
-       Allow time for questions. It can be especially difficult for people to add their comments or ask questions while others are talking in a virtual setting! 
-       Attempt to do multiple things at once. Would you make your lunch while in a meeting with your boss if you were in the office? Then don’t do it at home! 
-       Schedule unnecessary meetings or invite an unnecessary number of people. If you have too many people on a virtual meeting, people are less likely to speak up. Also consider if a video or email would be a better form of communication for the information you are trying to share. 
-       Wait until the last minute to join your meeting. This is especially true if you’re new to the video meeting platform. Make sure you are logged in ahead of time to avoid technical difficulties and ensure you’re comfortable with the application’s functions. 
Hopefully by now you are growing accustomed to your new work from home routine, but always be open to ways to better streamline your day and make your work more efficient! 


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