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Happy Valentine’s Day: Last Minute Local Leasing Ideas

It's almost Valentine's Day! As a local business owner, you don't have to sell greeting cards or chocolates to win over your customer's hearts. While it’s all about spreading the love, Valentine’s Day is primarily a consumer-driven holiday. So much so, that the National Retail Federation anticipates spending on the holiday to total $23.9 billion this year! With this in mind, now is the perfect time to leverage the holiday of love to attract shoppers and give your sales a boost this month.

Read on for a few last minute, easy-to-implement Valentine’s Day ideas to test out in your own local shop this week:

Rethink Your Merchandising
Even if you don’t carry jewelry, chocolates or flowers, you can still get creative in how you promote your current inventory to drive last minute gift purchases this week. From clothing to housewares, there are ways to make your products relevant for Valentine’s Day. Think about creating a window display featuring perfect outfits for date night, or set up a display near your check-out with must-have items to create an at-home Valentine’s date night experience for two. With a little ingenuity, it’s possible to theme your inventory around the holiday to capture shopper’s attention and encourage those last minute impulse purchases in time for Valentine’s Day.

Host a Special Promotion
From a free gift with purchase to a great “buy one, get one” offer, it’s no secret that special promotions can help drive sales. Customers are always looking for a deal, especially when it comes to gift-giving. Don’t underestimate the success you can have in selling otherwise slow-moving items by incentivizing your customers with a special promotion this Valentine’s Day.

Gift an Experience 
If your small business is service-oriented, Valentine’s Day can still be a great opportunity to show off what you offer. Consider ways to package your services as a Valentine’s Day special deal (for example: salon owners can offer a self-care package with a manicure, massage and self-care treatment), or highlight ways your customers can “gift an experience” this year (like purchasing a gift card for a meal out at your locally owned restaurant). With 41% of consumers saying they would “love to receive a gift of experience” this Valentine’s Day, your local service-based business can certainly help spread the love. 

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