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How to Wear Animal Print for Fall

By Sara Antonuccio
There’s a fine line between wearing animal print and making it look like the animal is wearing you. This is especially true when it comes to wearing animal print in the fall. Sure, that leopard print coat looks good on the hanger, but will it swallow you up or go with anything in your closet? Animal print takes finesse, so here’s how to successfully integrate it into your closet this season.
If You Want to Wear an Animal Print Coat or Jacket, Avoid Puffy Styles
Unless you want to look like you were swallowed by a zebra, try to avoid puffy animal print jackets and coats. Clothing should always enhance your look, not dominate it or overtake you. Long trench coats and tailored blazers are excellent options when you want to incorporate prints without going overboard.
Choose a Muted Pattern for an Animal Print Dress
Animal print maxi dresses don’t have to be reserved for summer. A nice long sleeve dress spices up your fall wardrobe, but to keep with the spirit of the season, opt for simpler patterns. Rather than wearing something displaying large, bold leopard spots or thick zebra stripes, choose prints with smaller, more uniform patterns.  
Don’t Stick with Traditional Colors
Never be afraid to think outside the box! Fall is the season of colors, so give the usual animal print shades a little shakeup by going for reds and greens in addition to traditional brown or black and white. 
Animal print is for every season, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! All you have to do is adjust, adapt, and rock it your way.