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Our Favorite 2021 Skin Trend

By Leigh Williams
If we took a look at your beauty products – specifically your skincare items, how many products would we find? In today’s world, we have so much more knowledge (and so many more options) when it comes to our skincare routine. 
But overloading your skin with too many products – or products that aren’t right for you – can actually do more harm than good and lead to breakouts, dryness, tight skin, redness, and skin sensitivity.
This year’s skincare trend is actually about using less items with a better payoff for your skin. Instead of watching your favorite influencer’s skincare routine (who may not even have the same skin type as you!), consult with a professional to find out your skin type and what ingredients in products will help you most! 
Once you have done this, be sure you understand why you are using each product in your skincare routine! For example, if you are using a brightening serum, hoping it will fade your dark spots, be sure the item specifically calls out dark spots, otherwise that product may not be right for you!
Remember, your skin is meant to have texture! And your freckles and pigment are not flaws! However, we understand some skin conditions can be bothersome. So, determine what your primary concerns are and focus on addressing one item at a time!