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Prioritize Your Sun Protection

By Leigh Williams
We all know wearing SPF can help to prevent skin cancer, but here are a few more reasons you should prioritize sun protection this summer!
It keeps you looking young! Premature aging is caused primarily by ultraviolet light rays. Say no to wrinkles by wearing your sunscreen! 
Sunscreen helps keep your skin tone even by helping to prevent dark spots and discoloration.
Even if you don’t burn easily, your skin is still intaking ultraviolet light when you’re exposed to the sun’s rays, which can lead to long-term skin damage.
It’s super easy! Many top-notch moisturizers contain SPF so you don’t even have to worry about applying additional sunscreen most days!
Remember, even if you’re not planning to spend an extended amount of time outdoors or the weather isn’t overly sunny, you should still apply SPF! Prioritize your sun protection this summer for the long-term health of your skin!